Safeguarding at The Yellow House

Our safeguarding aims at The Yellow House are to: 
  • protect all pupils in our school from maltreatment,
  • Prevent impairment of each pupil's health/development,
  • Support our pupils with any disclosures,
  • Ensure that our pupils grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe     and effective care.
Our safeguarding practice is primarily guided by "Keeping Children Safe in Education" Act 2019.  

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Jonny Weavers

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Debbie McWilliams

If you have any safeguarding concerns related to a child who attends/attended The Yellow House School please send email to:

or contact our safeguarding team on 07561 169883
The Yellow House uses "My Concern" safeguarding management system to record all safeguarding concerns.