A therapeutic garden is an outdoor garden space that has been specifically designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people using it. Spending time outside in a garden has been shown to positively affect a person's emotions and improve their sense of well-being. Access to garden space balances circadian rhythms, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and increases absorption of Vitamin D. Being outdoors has been shown to be beneficial for our health and well-being. We are all connected to nature and it is important to maintain this connection for our health and well-being.  A fact that is widely acknowledged.

In early 2015 we acquired a large allotment plot close to our school in the village of school.  We are developing this plot into a cross curricular educational garden and therapeutic resource  whilst also being a fully functioning and productive allotment which will develop into a small business enterprise run entirely by the pupils of The Yellow House School.

The benefits of the project are many fold.  As an educational garden it provides us with the ability to engage young people who find classroom based lessons challenging and enables us to demonstrate practically many of the concepts which we discuss in lessons.  As a therapeutic resource the benefits are endless, gentle exercise, fresh air, sensory stimulation, greater awareness of the world around us, improved diet, knowledge of local flora and fauna, a sense of achievement and a safe space in which to learn and grow.

As a small enterprise it offers our young people an opportunity to learn the skills involved in running a small business as we work towards selling our produce to the local community and at farmers markets.

Over the years, The Yellow Shed Project has seen many outdoor learning activities started and come to fruition. This has included growing fruits and vegetables for use in our cooking lessons; building projects such as  planters; and creating hanging baskets for both sites of the school.  We also participated in the 2017 Outdoor Learning Day engaging in activities like outdoor science lessons, campfire cooking, team games and allotment management.

In the coming months we aim to add Forest School to out Yellow Shed Project, expanding this well loved aspect to our therapeutic provision.